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The Walking DeadI am a huge fan of The Walking Dead.   I can’t tell you how many times that I have seen it on demand and on Netflix.   Once again it has topped the ratings and broken records with huge viewer ratings. Even though the show recently wrapped its fifth season the ratings are still steadily climbing and continuing the show’s reign as the number one scripted drama in cable TV history. With 15.8 million viewers of the 90 minute finale when it aired, and millions more viewing on demand and online in the days following the finale brought in the highest ratings of any season finale in the franchise history.

Fan reaction to the season finale was a mixture of relief that none of the main cast members died and excitement at the return of Morgan, who joined the group in Alexandria after being found by Aaron and Daryl. The extended finale had all the excitement of a feature film and fans are already anxious for the Season Six premiere which won’t happen until October.

AMC’s Rating Juggernaut

Almost from the beginning the show has been the highest rated show on AMC and the highest rated show…

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get-stuff-doneWhen was the last time you sat down to check your email and let two hours slip by while you surfed online? For most people it was this morning. But you can change that and now is the perfect time to get started.

Once you get organized and make time management a priority you’ll be amazed at how much more time you have to do the things that matter to you. Going to the gym, writing a novel, taking a class, or spending more time with your family are all things that you can do with the extra time you’ll have when you’re more productive and efficient during the day.


Here are five easy ways to stop wasting time and be more productive each day:

Check Your Email At The End of The Day

Even though it might be hard for you to adjust to not checking your email first thing in the morning if you can wait you will be more productive. Studies have shown that if you only check your email at the end of the day instead of checking it in the beginning you will save time and be more productive. It’s so easy to get…

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nerdsIn the middle of January 2015 TBS’s King of the Nerds will return for Season 3. The reality show for nerds has proven to be a hit. The series averages about 2 million viewers per episode, which puts it ahead of some scripted shows. The show features 11 nerds and geeks, most of whom have pretty impressive resumes. They are put together in a house, called Nerdvana, and they compete in skills and knowledge based contests to be declared King of the Nerds and sit on the Throne of Games.

Usually the contestants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of nerd knowledge that has run from academic knowledge to knowledge about hobbies like gaming and comics. The show is hosted by the most well-known nerds, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong who became famous in 80s cult favs like Weird Science and came to epitomize nerds in pop culture. The contests are judged by famous nerds like George Takei and Cosplayer Yaya Han along with YouTube stars, fiction writers and producers.

Nerd TV
It’s about time that nerds got their own reality show, considering that nerd centered TV has taken off for other channels. Shows…

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beth-was-killedIn the mid-season finale The Walking Dead killed off Beth Greene and started a firestorm within the fandom. The collective group of Walking Dead fans, who refer to themselves as The Walking Dead Family, has become pretty bitterly divided over the death of Beth. It’s a bit puzzling to fans and to the writers and producers alike because Beth has always been a relatively minor character that existed largely in the background of the overall story arc. Most of the time Beth was responsible for watching Judith while the others foraged for supplies and kept the group safe. After her father Hershel Greene was killed in the mid-season finale of Season 4 she had a few episodes with Daryl Dixon because they escaped the burning prison together but then she was kidnapped and was absent from the last part of the season. A petition to the writers to bring Beth back started on has gotten more than 56,000 signatures in less than three weeks. So why are fans more upset about the death of Beth than they were about the death of main characters like Dale, Hershel, or Andrea?

Beth’s role in the group may not have been as…

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fakeThe increased availability of technology has made it easier than ever for amateur ghost hunters and paranormal devotees to capture supposed evidence of the paranormal. There are definitely some paranormal videos on the Web that do capture unexplainable events. However, probably around 90% of the paranormal videos that get passed around on Facebook, shared on social media, and watched by millions on YouTube are faked. Fake paranormal videos have been known to boost the careers of aspiring actors and actresses as well as sell books for would be authors. Some people who have faked paranormal videos have even been offered movie development deals based on a YouTube video.

From 2010-2012 Syfy even ran a show called Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files that featured an investigative team trying to recreate supposed videos of paranormal happenings to find out if they were real or faked. They managed to debunk a lot of the most popular paranormal videos on the Web.

Increased Technology Leads to Easier Fakes
Even though technology has increased people’s access to special tools and cameras that are capable of capturing genuine paranormal activity that same technology has made it easier for people to fake paranormal videos. It’s remarkably…

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predictableAs the mid-season finale of Season 5 of The Walking Dead draws close and the rumors of a major cast death swirl it’s easy to wonder whether or not The Walking Dead has become a little predictable. The writers and producers love to shock fans and keep them off balance, but as the fan sites light up with rumors of which cast member is going to die it seems a little predictable that one of the major cast will be killed in the mid-season finale. Of course, with a limited number of main cast numbers and the nature of the show it could just be the natural progression of the story for one or two to die at fairly regular intervals. But let’s take a quick look at the past seasons to see if there might be a pattern of mid-season deaths on the show.

The first season of the show was really just a trial run to see how audiences responded. There were only six episodes because AMC didn’t want to commit to a full order of 16 episodes until the ratings were in. Many of the networks that had the option to pick up the show thought it…

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Characters Announced for The Walking Dead Spinoff


After more than a year of speculation about that spinoff series AMC finally gave a greenlight to the show that is now moving forward. The spinoff series will be written by its showrunner Dave Erickson, who is most well known for producing Sons of Anarchy. The creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman will also be writing the spinoff series with Erickson.

The spinoff series is still untitled, but it will take place within the world of The Walking Dead. It won’t take place in Georgia however. With the spinoff series Robert Kirkman and Erickson are going to tell the story of an entirely different group of survivors, in an entirely different part of the post-zombie apocalypse world.

There was a lot of speculation about where the sequel would be set and in what time frame. The general consensus seems to be that the spinoff will be kind of a prequel to The Walking Dead which will fill in some of the gaps about what exactly caused this apocalypse and what happened just after the outbreak. Bolstering the idea that the new spinoff will be set in the time soon after the zombie…

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ghostbusters3Ghostbusters 3 Finally Gets the Green Light with a Female Cast

Director Paul Feig finally has been given the green light to go forward with Ghostbusters 3. But the next installment of this classic franchise will feature a female cast of Ghostbusters taking on the paranormal pests. Feig is best known for direction the smash hit Bridesmaids and speculation is running rampant that he will tap some of the Bridesmaids cast for roles in Ghostbusters 3. Bill Murray may take a small role in the third Ghostbusters film but has said that beyond a small role he has no interest in participating in a new Ghostbusters film.

Why the Sequel Has Taken So Long

Ghostbusters 3 has been rumored to be “in production” or “close to production” for decades but the movie never has quite made it to the starting point. Even before the death of original Ghostbuster and filmmaker Harold Ramis Bill Murray was a holdout on another Ghostbusters film. For years he remained silent about the reasons why he didn’t want to participate in a sequel to the second Ghostbusters film. But now that the project is moving forward with an all-female cast he has said in interviews…

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Jumping Halloween Props are taking over!  What used to be only be available via pneumatic (air) methods you can get very cheaply.

My first one was the Jumping Spider.  If you have been trying to find new ways to scare Trick or Treaters or party guests this year try adding jumping Halloween props to your decorations. Jumping props are animatronic props that light up and move on their own to make them seem really alive. They are not as expensive as you might think and they are a fantastic way to scare people. You can use them outside or inside to terrify your friends and family. Having a viewing party for The Walking Dead premiere just before Halloween? Give these Halloween props a dress rehearsal by using them to up the fear factor at your viewing party. Some of the most popular jumping Halloween props are:

Spiders and bugs: Even people who don’t have serious arachnophobia find giant spiders and bugs unnerving. When those spiders and bugs have eyes that glow in the dark and jump out at them they will be seriously scared. Animatronic spiders and bugs look totally real, especially if you put them in…

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terminusI wish I was able to go.   Some of the people out there just love the idea of comic-cons and of getting a chance to dress up as their favorite characters. And, after all, what is not to love about being able to make friends and to escape the mundane for a few days and step into a world where pure imagination becomes touchable and real?

Comic-cons are a real phenomenon out there and they are increasingly popular with people coming from all social backgrounds and from all countries of the world. And, among them, the Comic-Con International: San Diego bears a very important place.

The Comic-Con International San Diego – A Fantasy Story

Every year, San Diego is taken by “assault” with fantastic characters that walk around as if horns and magic wands are just as normal as Ford cars in the US. Thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people gather for 4 days, every single year to celebrate fantasy in all its shapes and forms: comic books, movies, TV shows, books. All genres meet together, from horror to fantasy and from science-fiction to manga. And people from all over the world join hands in a celebration…

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