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I have been working to add some new awesome info on Caverns Of Blood.    One of the most recent things is a horror infographic for the most popular horror movies based on box office sales.   It brings back memories of great movies!    It is weird how some movies that are super popular now did not do great originally at the box office.


party-suitsEveryone who really knows me well knows that I am far from conservative.  While at first I am very quiet that changes quickly.  Over the years my wardrobe has been fairly casual but back in the day my clothes were pretty crazy.  Spirit Halloween recently started selling Party Suits on their site.  I want one!  They are me!  Okay….not good for a corporate business meeting, but great for a party or convention.

Here are a few other ideas:

If you want to show off your unique sense of style and make everyday events more special you need to wear party suits. These suits are comfortable, machine washable, and come in a variety of trendy and fun prints. Wearing party suits makes it easy to stand out from the crowd and express your own personality and style. Of course these suits are fantastic for Halloween. They make it simple to create great costumes that you can wear to parties, Trick or Treating, or even to school on Halloween day. You can use masks, shoes, makeup or other accessories to create personalized costumes that don’t cost a fortune. No matter what type of Halloween event you want to throw there is a… Read More

zombie-popularityZombies Have Infected Pop Culture and are Getting More Popular Every Year

Zombies are seemingly everywhere these days, which is a pretty impressive feat for creatures that don’t even really exist. Just a few years ago events like zombie walks were considered to be fringe events not pop culture attractions. But now zombies have gone mainstream. From characters in movie and TV shows to the subject of academic courses zombies are now permanently part of the popular culture landscape.

Why has popular culture embraced zombies? There are lot of factors that have influenced the growing popularity of zombies. One of the biggest factors is the amazing success of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show about a group of survivors living in a post-zombie apocalypse world. The show has consistently set records for the massive amount of viewers it attracts and the numbers seem to go up with every episode. The fans of the show are a diverse group who are fiercely loyal to the show and to their favorite characters.

Another factor that has helped zombies become a pop culture icon is the CDC’s graphic novella Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic. The CDC wanted to put out a guide to help… Read More

halloweenfactsHalloween is now the second most popular holiday in the US. Only Christmas is more popular than Halloween. But it wasn’t always that way. Now people spend over 6 billion dollars every year on Halloween decorations, candy, costumes, and other Halloween items. But Halloween wasn’t even celebrated widely in the US until the late 1920s. And until the Scottish and Irish immigrants brought the idea of Halloween with them to the US it wasn’t celebrated at all. These days there are contest for the most elaborate and most creative Halloween light shows and people spend a lot of time and money to create terrifying scenes in their yards and homes. But all of that is relatively new in the American culture. Here are some more interesting facts about the celebration of Halloween in the US:

Trick or Treating became a part of the culture in the 1950s – Before the 1950s most people lived in cities where Halloween celebrations varied by neighborhood. After WWII people flocked to the suburbs where they had the chance to own a home and raise their children in green neighborhoods. It was during the 1950s that Trick or Treating became the institution that it is… Read More

tzoneI grew up watching The Twilight Zone every night.   I remember it was on at midnight.

Few shows have had as big of an impact on culture as The Twilight Zone has had. The original show first aired in the late 1950s. It ran for five seasons, but went on to be rebooted twice as well to be spun off into a feature film, radio shows, and graphic novels. Even though the original show first hit the air over 60 years ago the themes and issues addressed in the original show are still relevant today. The show was the first to use science fiction as a vehicle to explore issues of humanity, and there are still shows and films that use the format created by Twilight Zone to continue that exploration. Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling has a permanent place in cultural history for both his ground breaking TV show and the now infamous voice over that he did for the opening of each show: Read More

Genre shows like Fox’s surprise hit Sleepy Hollow are the newest trend in TV. When Fox commissioned the first sleepy-hollowseason of Sleepy Hollow the original order was just for 13 episodes. For a new show 13 episodes is pretty standard, although some shows aren’t even given that much of a chance to prove themselves. When The Walking Dead, one of the biggest hits in TV history, was originally aired there were only six episodes of the show. Taking a chance on a rather obscure genre show paid off big for Fox. Sleepy Hollow is now the highest rated scripted show on the network. Fox needed a ratings boost because ratings for some of the network’s previous hits have been steadily dropping. Glee, one of the network’s previous hits, has gone through a huge ratings drop after the death of fan favorite Cory Monteith.

Sleepy Hollow is one of several shows on TV right now that are rebooting fairy tales or fantasy tales for the modern world. NBC was the first to embrace this trend with Grimm. Grimm operates on the premise that the fairy tale monsters written about by the Brothers Grimm were actually real, living in the shadows of… Read More

twitter-popularTwitter is one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet, and one of the top 10 most visited Internet sites each day. When Twitter was founded in 2006 the creators never would have predicted the massive success that Twitter has had. Twitter has changed the way that people communicate and allowed people all over the world to communicate in 140 character bursts. During uprisings in Egypt and other world events people were tweeting what was happening on their mobile phones and sending pictures of evens as they unfolded. Never before was the world able to witness history unfolding in that way.


Twitter also changed the way that businesses market their products and build relationships with customers. Web 2.0, which was ushered in by the popularity of sites like Twitter and Facebook, is all about having strong relationships with customers. Twitter gives companies the chance to connect directly with customers on a public platform. Now every major company employs people whose sole job is to field complaints and questions and address problems with customers on Twitter. Many customers appreciate the ability to get instant answers from a company rep without having to waste time going through a… Read More

Twinkies are back and people love them more than ever. After a long hiatus this iconic snack is back on store shelves. Many stores reported that the day Twinkies returned they sold out of the cakes entirely and have had a difficult time keeping on the shelves. The return of this snack that people remember so fondly from their childhoods is breaking records and making Twinkies a bona fide pop culture hit. You can expect to see a lot of Twinkie Halloween costumes this year because of the increased popularity of the dessert cake. Twinkie costumes can range from individual snack cakes to entire boxes of the treat.


Twinkies have been a part of culture for a long time. In the cult favorite film Zombieland Twinkies are a major plot device that are featured prominently throughout the film. But being a part of the fabric of popular culture didn’t save Twinkies when Hostess fell into financial difficulty.  In fall of 2012 Hostess, who made Twinkies and other snack treats that millions of people grew up eating in their lunches and after school, announced it was bankrupt. Hostess was forced to close and to stop making Twinkies and many of the… Read More

illuminatiReferences to the Illuminati are everywhere in modern culture, and spread throughout history too. But is the Illumaniti real? What is it? And does this secret group really lurk in the background of the most powerful decision making bodies in the world? There is no hard proof that the group still exists, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests it does. One thing is certain. The Illuminati did exist during the Enlightenment.

In the early years of the Enlightenment small groups of people were gathering together all over Europe to discuss politics, philosophy, religion and other important topics. In Germany a professor named Adam Weishaupt formed a group he named the Illuminati in 1776. The original purpose of the group was to promote ideas that were considered radical at the time like free thought, free speech, secularism, and the equality of men and women. As the number of people in the group increased and they became more vocal conspiracy theories started to form that the Illuminati wanted to overthrow the government and the Church.

The king of Germany monitored the group and eventually sent in people to infiltrate the group because he was concerned about the group… Read More

successfulflicks2013 was a great year for movies. After a few years of movies not bringing in the kind of revenue that they were predicted to bring in the studios really stepped up their games and put out a lot of films that brought people back out into the theaters. There were a lot of bona fide hit movies that came out throughout the year from a variety of genres. There were comedies, action films, and dramas that all have the distinction of being high grossing films. Even though the best films of the year came from different genres they all had some common elements that contributed to their success like:

Originality – For a long time the studios put out cookie cutter style films that did well enough at the box office but weren’t smash hits. As the economy tanked and people got more selective about how they spent their extra money the studios were forced to come up with new film ideas to lure moviegoers out to the theaters instead of watching films at home. In 2013 original concepts like Oz the Great and Powerful, Identity Thief, The Great Gatsby and The Croods were interesting enough to get people… Read More

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