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scary-clownsI will admit right off that clowns do not scare me normally.  But when I saw the movie Poltergeist was when I got freaked out the first time.  When that clown was there… then he was not there.   Freaky!  But since then one of the most terrifying and most popular costumes for Halloween is the Scary Clown. It’s easy to create your own unique Scary Clown costume by combining clown props, makeup, and wigs. Or you can dress up as one of the many terrifying scary clowns from TV, movies and literature. Are you surprised that a seemingly innocent figure like a clown is one of the most universally feared archetypes? It’s really not surprising when you look at the history of clowns.

Even though clowns are often part of children’s celebrations and show up frequently as children’s toys several studies that have been done have found that children really do not like clowns. Psychologically children react sharply to a familiar human figure with a hidden face. Whether it’s the makeup or the out of proportion features children in general are uneasy around clowns. Some adults never lose that initial mistrust of clowns. And after growing up being familiar… Read More

ghostbusters-costumesA blast from the past is poised to be popular again thanks to the latest installment of the franchise that begins filming soon. Ghostbusters costumes based on Ghostbusters 1 and 2 are predicted to be very popular this Halloween. Of course the franchise has maintained a steady fan base over the years despite the fact that Ghostbusters 2 came out in 1989 so it’s not unusual to see Ghostbusters Halloween costumes. But over the years interest in the film and interest in Ghostbusters costumes had dwindled a bit to just those hard core fans. However the death of co-writer and start Harold Ramis in early 2014 and the news that Ghostbusters 3 was finally going into production have revived interest in the 80s classic.

Like many of the 80s comedies that Ramis co-wrote and starred in the Ghostbusters films were big hits in the 80s. Many of the classic one-liners from the films are embedded into pop culture and show up in other films, books, and tv shows as cultural references. Ask anyone on the street that grew up in the 80s and they can probably quote at least one seen from one of the Ghostbusters films verbatim. Ghostbusters gave… Read More

totsThese days Trick or Treating is changing rapidly. Just twenty years ago Trick or Treating was always on Halloween night, even if that night fell during the week. And Trick or Treating always consisted of parents and kids walking around their neighborhoods in costumes collecting candy and treats. These days Trick or Treating more and more often is done at malls or group events where business owners hand out games and prizes and a little candy to kids. These events are almost always held on the weekend day closest to Halloween. In some parts of the country Trunk or Treating is becoming popular. Trunk or Treating is when large groups of people will assemble in a parking lot, like the parking lot of a school or a church, and will dispense candy to kids and parents from large containers in the trunk of their vehicles. Trunk or Treating is becoming popular in rural areas and in areas where there are a lot of apartments which make it difficult for kids to Trick or Treat in the traditional way.

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One of the best places for Horror fans to find the shows and movies they love is hiding in plain sight. Netflix, one of the original streaming content services, is one of the best places on the Web to find Horror movies and Horror shows. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the newest Horror blockbusters or old B Horror movies you will find them on this service. No streaming service has a larger selection of TV shows. From classic horror shows from the 50s and 60s to modern hits like American Horror Story there are dozens of shows to choose from. And you can watch full seasons of your favorite Horror shows without having to wait and without having to pay for each episode. You can spend an entire afternoon watching Horror shows that you love from the beginning to the most current episode.

Many people are considering switching from expensive cable TV to streaming services. Using streaming boxes and equipment like Google Chromecast or Roku boxes is a cost effective way to get the content that you want to see without having to pay huge cable tv costs. Many cable providers don’t have a very large selection of Horror… Read More

nmbcTim Burton’s signature spooky style has led to a lot of dark movies that fit into a Halloween. Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, The Corpse Bride and Alice in Wonderland are just a few of examples of his unique and darkly quirky style that is so perfect for Halloween. But no Tim Burton film has captured the spirit of Halloween quite like his 1993 animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. In The Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton first introduced some of his most beloved characters like Sally, Oogie Boogie, Zero the dog with his Jack O’Lantern nose, and the Pumpkin King- Jack Skellington. Jack Skellington is the leader of Halloweentown and he becomes dissatisfied with scaring people. He wants to be like Santa Claus and bring presents to the boys and girls of the world. He goes out exploring and finds his way to Christmastown, where he becomes entranced with Christmas.

Jack sends out his minions to kidnap Santa Claus so that Jack can take over his duties on Christmas Eve. The denizens of Halloweentown don’t quite understand what Jack has in mind and they give Santa Claus to the Bogeyan, Oogie Boogie. Sally, a rag doll created by Halloweentown’s… Read More

zombieappMay is Zombie Appreciation Month.    I have become a big fan of zombies over the last few years.


When I saw Return of the living dead many years ago I had no idea how popular things would get.   When The Walking Dead grew in popularity and then BOOOOOM!   I think that they will only continue to get even more popular.


I have been working to add some new awesome info on Caverns Of Blood.    One of the most recent things is a horror infographic for the most popular horror movies based on box office sales.   It brings back memories of great movies!    It is weird how some movies that are super popular now did not do great originally at the box office.


party-suitsEveryone who really knows me well knows that I am far from conservative.  While at first I am very quiet that changes quickly.  Over the years my wardrobe has been fairly casual but back in the day my clothes were pretty crazy.  Spirit Halloween recently started selling Party Suits on their site.  I want one!  They are me!  Okay….not good for a corporate business meeting, but great for a party or convention.

Here are a few other ideas:

If you want to show off your unique sense of style and make everyday events more special you need to wear party suits. These suits are comfortable, machine washable, and come in a variety of trendy and fun prints. Wearing party suits makes it easy to stand out from the crowd and express your own personality and style. Of course these suits are fantastic for Halloween. They make it simple to create great costumes that you can wear to parties, Trick or Treating, or even to school on Halloween day. You can use masks, shoes, makeup or other accessories to create personalized costumes that don’t cost a fortune. No matter what type of Halloween event you want to throw there is a… Read More

zombie-popularityZombies Have Infected Pop Culture and are Getting More Popular Every Year

Zombies are seemingly everywhere these days, which is a pretty impressive feat for creatures that don’t even really exist. Just a few years ago events like zombie walks were considered to be fringe events not pop culture attractions. But now zombies have gone mainstream. From characters in movie and TV shows to the subject of academic courses zombies are now permanently part of the popular culture landscape.

Why has popular culture embraced zombies? There are lot of factors that have influenced the growing popularity of zombies. One of the biggest factors is the amazing success of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show about a group of survivors living in a post-zombie apocalypse world. The show has consistently set records for the massive amount of viewers it attracts and the numbers seem to go up with every episode. The fans of the show are a diverse group who are fiercely loyal to the show and to their favorite characters.

Another factor that has helped zombies become a pop culture icon is the CDC’s graphic novella Preparedness 101: Zombie Pandemic. The CDC wanted to put out a guide to help… Read More

halloweenfactsHalloween is now the second most popular holiday in the US. Only Christmas is more popular than Halloween. But it wasn’t always that way. Now people spend over 6 billion dollars every year on Halloween decorations, candy, costumes, and other Halloween items. But Halloween wasn’t even celebrated widely in the US until the late 1920s. And until the Scottish and Irish immigrants brought the idea of Halloween with them to the US it wasn’t celebrated at all. These days there are contest for the most elaborate and most creative Halloween light shows and people spend a lot of time and money to create terrifying scenes in their yards and homes. But all of that is relatively new in the American culture. Here are some more interesting facts about the celebration of Halloween in the US:

Trick or Treating became a part of the culture in the 1950s – Before the 1950s most people lived in cities where Halloween celebrations varied by neighborhood. After WWII people flocked to the suburbs where they had the chance to own a home and raise their children in green neighborhoods. It was during the 1950s that Trick or Treating became the institution that it is… Read More

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